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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

12 days... I Tried On My Costume!

Here is the image from the John Byrne Graphic Novel that I am basing my She-Hulk Costume on. It's a classic... and not quite as dependent on having killer abs as some of the newer fan art. One of the things that I loved about his version of She-Hulk is that she had muscles, but also hips! She wasn't some skinny mini toothpick... but a 6'7" woman with some oomph to her!

Trying on the rough of my costume today was SO COOL!!! The lady sewing it is a truly talented woman who can invent a pattern from a drawing like this and make it 3-D. We modified it a bit tonight because she discovered I'd lost an inch in the waist area from my original measurements that she had on file. We also checked to make sure that the white yoke part of this costume (easy to draw but more difficult to figure out how to move in) wouldn't move around too much when I flexed.

I go for another fitting on Thursday night before we leave for Ottawa on Friday. I have a wonderful family wedding to look forward to with my 2 girls and she will be able to work on the final details while I am gone before I pick up the completed costume early next week. Yahoo! I guess I don't have to worry about wearing rags!

I did have a slight qualm about that wide white horizontal line when I first tried the costume on. I bet that's why they did away with the classic style costume in the Fantastic Four movie... even Jessica Alba's body would find that wide horizontal line a bit disconcerting! Once I got the boots and gloves on, it looked much better and quite true to this drawing. I can't wait to try it on once all the seams and edges are done. I do have a few pinholes in me tonight from trying to remove pin-adjusted spandex carefully!


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