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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

5 days... who would have thought?

I can still remember my first con... in Halifax, Nova Scotia during my years at Mount Allison University. A bunch of us who played D&D on the weekends piled into a car and drove 3 hours to be there. As a Fine Arts student, the fact that I could go to a Con and make more than a month's worth of groceries by selling artwork, was thrilling!

I met Marv Wolfman in the hallway of that Con when he stopped me to comment on the fact that he now knew what She-Hulk or Starfire looked like walking down the mall. That comment stuck with me... and in a strange twist of fate, I noticed that he is going to be at Dragon*Con this weekend. Talk about full circle!

I had another costume fitting tonight and we discovered that I've lost another inch through the waist... so even though the scale isn't changing that much, my shape still is. She's still tweaking the fit through the bust, but we practiced a few moves in the costume and the white collar of the Fantastic Four costume doesn't bounce around as much as we worried it might! The muscles looked good in the suit! Tonight I was leaning an arm on the counter and Nick suddenly noticed how defined my tricep was. He even dragged me to the mirror so that I could see! What fun!

I really feel for all the struggles that my costumer has had over the past week and a half. Her son has had more surgery on his hands and luckily it looks as if the leg tendons will repair on their own. I know that somehow the costume will be ready to go with me... we are SO close now.

Gosh... I am getting SO excited about this!! When I first picked this crazy goal over 3 years ago, it was as a way to be sure that I'd keep the weight off for a long haul. How could it suddenly be this weekend? Where has the time gone?


At 5:16 AM, Blogger Katie said...

Good luck at Dragon Con!! Pictures from it would definitely make the most interesting Weight Watchers success story by far ;)

At 12:57 PM, Blogger crosseyedkat said...

ooh get Robert Jordan's autograph, too!

At 12:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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