Becoming She-Hulk

The Journey to Prove that 40 is Worth Celebrating with a Bang!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Basking In The Glow of Victory!

Guess who I got to meet at Dragon Con? Meeting THE Hulk at the Con before I got dressed up as She-Hulk on Sunday night really helped. Lou Ferrigno was SO sweet and helpful with advice about getting even more lean over time. Just look at his arms... and that's not even in contest shape!
Another fun memory of the weekend was being taken out to dinner with Teresa by a warm, witty bunch of stitchers who not only wore “She-Hulk Fan Club” stickers... they even loaned me the sword I wore in this photo for Saturday!

We started painting me up about 4:30 and by 6:20, I was a bit impatient about reaching the Masquerade check-in for 6:30! Stepping out into the hotel hallway was fun because I sauntered/ strutted off in front of my friends. She-Hulk walks with ATTITUDE, don't you know! I reached up to touch the ceiling because it is SO easy for me to reach... and one of my friends caught this great shot with the camera.

Here's a great close-up of me as She-Hulk while my arm was leaning out against the wall waiting for the touch ups to dry. The wig we went with was just perfect! It was a more hip-hop style than the basic curly black one I got in case, was far more comfortable to wear and we just streaked it with the temporary green dye that kids use for Halloween to give it a bit of a whispy green highlight look. Apparently under the bright stage lights it looked fantastic!

Finally, here is a look at the full effect right before stepping into the elevator to head to the Masquerade. The minute I stepped out of the hotel and started walking up the 2 blocks to the con, the fun started. Lots of people wanted me to stop and pose, but I was so worried that I wouldn't get there by the 6:30 deadline, that I just invited them to the Masquerade instead. One determined fellow jogged further ahead of me and got a few shots and I walked towards him!

I checked in just a few minutes late and needn't have worried. Lots of people continued to straggle in after that. I asked to be fairly close to the front because parts of the green paint were rubbing off just a tiny bit, especially if someone pushed past me hard. I was given number #14 (of 49 entries) and assigned a "Den Mother", who was a really helpful guy, then we waited for our turn to pose for the basic entry photos, taken of each contestant. After that we had to wait until the Masquerade started at 8:00 pm with the Children's portion of the event (numbered before us separately). I was too afraid to sit down on the upholstered chairs in case I lost some of my rump green, so I just stood in place, leaned against a wall or did deep knee bends. I did have to touch up my armpits and elbow creases a bit just before 9pm when they started the grown-ups category.

I was SO nervous and yet exhilarated as I waited on the ramp before my turn. Then, the moment came, I heard the Bonnie Tyler "Holding Out For A Hero" music start, they started to read the bio introduction and the stage manager hissed "Get out there!" so I strutted out on stage. The minute I walked behind the judges and the crowd realized that I towered over Robin Curtis and her fellow announcers, the cheers erupted and screaming started. It was SO cool! I growled, I flexed and I stepped forward a bit into the shadowed area of the front stage to do the double bicep pose... just in case any pink was visible under my arms. I then sauntered over to the muscular host and leaned on his shoulder to stare down at him, pat him on the head and then kiss down onto his bald spot before leaving the stage with a strut and a kiss over the shoulder.

Suddenly, it was all over and I could breathe again. Part of me was SO disappointed not to be able to live longer in that high, but I was also starting to feel a little spinny and thirsty. My Den Mother got clearance for She-Hulk to have a potty break too, but warned me that there would be more photos at the end of the masquerade. My hands were plain under the gloves, but I still got some strange looks washing them at the sink.

We watched the rest of the contest on the big screen TV backstage with all the highs, lows and surprises. Then it came time for the judges to deliberate while they played a cartoon of Duck Dodgers. When the judges and hosts went back out to start the awards portion, my Den Mother suddenly appeared at my elbow and asked me to follow him quietly. He walked towards the end of the room near the entrance to the stage and then grinned at me when he said. "You'll need to be close by!" Suddenly, the announcers were calling out the winner of the Best Comic Book Category and saying my name! What a THRILL!!! I don't remember most of that presentation on stage... it was a blurr of disbelief and rejoicing in what it feels like to not only chase a dream but win!

There was another photo shoot of the winners with their certificates afterwards, some footage shot by some Cable TV guys (which I hope to snag a copy of!) then we waited in line to "run the gauntlet"... a short posing session of each character for fans at the masquerade to take themselves. After that, hunted for Teresa and when we finally found each other and headed back to the hotel, it was almost midnight. We ordered some food and champagne from room service and talked for 2 hours, then grabbed a quick nap before heading to the airport for 4:30 am.

So there is the SAGA of She-Hulk. Thank you to everyone who followed this blog and lived my dream along with me as I counted it down. I won't be doing daily entries here anymore, but will still leave it up, just in case. With all those photos of me floating around from the Con, you never know if Marvel might see one. I'd LOVE to do character appearances for them or something similar. Besides... If I decide to take in Comic Con some year, I may have a new countdown. I can turn 40 next weekend with a big grin on my face. Chasing this dream was AWESOME!

Monday, September 05, 2005

I WON Best Comic Book Character Category!!

I've had less than 4 hours sleep in the last 48 hours, and for some strange reason, I can't FTP into my website ISP tonight, so the fabulous pictures from DragonCon are going to have to wait until I hear back from their tech support tomorrow. I really wanted to show off how I looked green and the super photo of me meeting Lou Ferrigno when I was in my warrior garb! Hulk meets She-Hulk to be!!

I am sure that after a bit more sleep, I'll be able to write a coherent entry about what a blast it was to walk out of the hotel to the Masquerade in full She-Hulk costume and just watch everyone's jaws drop. Being on stage was fun and a great relief after waiting without being able to sit down for over 3 hours in my white 3 inch heeled go-go boots (I was afraid the make-up would rub off). That alone would have been worth it, but then to win for that category at my very first Con, may just have been the beginning of something!

I'm off to bed... more tomorrow!

Friday, September 02, 2005

2 Days... I'm HERE!!!

I slept a bit but was wide awake at 3:45 when the alarm went off briefly. I caught a cab to the airport which wasn't too bad since the hadn't completely closed off access to the highway. I got to the airport at 4:30 am, cleared security and took the 6 am flight to Toronto.

Hopefully Nick got back to sleep and neither of the girls woke him too early. I really am lucky to have a husband that has been so supportive of my crazy dream, even if he can't understand why on earth I would want to do this!

Customs was SO busy this morning that I was really glad I had almost 3 hours between flights. The customs officer raised his eyebrows a bit when I explained that I was going to DragonCon for fun... but just wished me a "pleasant trip". Once I got on the plane, I discovered that the woman next to me and the 2 ladies across the aisle were also going to DragonCon! What a hoot!

Atlanta was warm and steamy as we got off the plane and took the long walk/eventually jump on the train ride to the baggage claim area, then 3 of us shared a taxi ride downtown since that was faster and cheaper than the shuttle.

The Hilton is beautiful. We actually pulled into the Marriott and I walked across the street already filling with costumed con goers. The downtown streets of Atlanta are now crawling with Storm Troopers, Goth gypsies, ninja, Jedi and fairies of all kinds. I even passed a crowd of hobbits who did a double take at my height!

I picked up my membership badge and banquet ticket, then found out where they'd moved the Masquerade registration to. I have now officially signed up for Sunday night as She-Hulk, so there's no turning back now. Judging from some of the incredible costumes I've seen in just the past hour, painting myself green is going to be rather on the tame side!

Time to find my partner in crime for the weekend and see if Teresa has arrived yet!

3 days... or is that 2?

It was right down to the wire! I drove across town tonight, after a tearful bedtime with my youngest, to pick up my finished costume and try the full thing on (minus wig and green paint obviously!). It was AWESOME!!! I cannot wait to wear it on stage Sunday night for the masquerade! If I trusted the green body make-up a bit more, I might actually wear the costume in the hallways too, but I don't want to be leaving an "impression" behind everywhere.

I have my warrior garb to wear in the hallways on Saturday and something fun for the banquet, so that will be enough.

I can't believe that the time has come at last to head for DragonCon! Where did this summer go? The digital camera is packed, so I will take LOTS of pictures, but they won't get posted until I get home. Hopefully the hotel will have computer access so that I can count down right to the end.

Thank you ahead of time to all those who have been reading this adventure and following it along with me. It has been a blast chronicling the countdown, but now it's time to fly!!