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Friday, September 02, 2005

3 days... or is that 2?

It was right down to the wire! I drove across town tonight, after a tearful bedtime with my youngest, to pick up my finished costume and try the full thing on (minus wig and green paint obviously!). It was AWESOME!!! I cannot wait to wear it on stage Sunday night for the masquerade! If I trusted the green body make-up a bit more, I might actually wear the costume in the hallways too, but I don't want to be leaving an "impression" behind everywhere.

I have my warrior garb to wear in the hallways on Saturday and something fun for the banquet, so that will be enough.

I can't believe that the time has come at last to head for DragonCon! Where did this summer go? The digital camera is packed, so I will take LOTS of pictures, but they won't get posted until I get home. Hopefully the hotel will have computer access so that I can count down right to the end.

Thank you ahead of time to all those who have been reading this adventure and following it along with me. It has been a blast chronicling the countdown, but now it's time to fly!!


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